Arrange an appointment with a tattoo artist from your home.

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  • Platform: iOS and Android
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The Challenge

Good tattoo artists are booked out months in advance.

They are hard to find. They can have style preferences that do not suit you.
They can live too far from your place.

Uber saves a lot of time for taxi drivers and their clients.
Our client, Grapes W. wanted to do the same for tattoo lovers.


The Work

Building two native applications is expensive. Our client wanted to reduce the development cost by making one cross-platform app in React Native instead.

Cross-platform apps are slower than native ones. They are also less intuitive because Apple and Google have very different design guidelines. We minimized these drawbacks by opting for a simple UI with limited interactions. The app doesn’t run any CPU or GPU intensive processes, so the user won’t have any performance issues even on low-end devices.

We built a web backend that puts most of the work on the server. The backend processes all calculations, syncs data between devices and database, and provides messaging and notifications.


Artist side

The mobile app has artist and client sides. The artist can create a profile with his or her portfolio and terms of service.

We made a step-by-step registration to save time and patience for newcomers.


Client side

Clients can browse designs, book appointments, and discuss details with artists.

The app can sort out all the designs by style, price, and artist’s location. We know that it’s hard to choose a tattoo judging from a photo. That’s why in INKLNK you can project tattoo designs on a 3D model.

INKLNK allows you to arrange everything from design to price through the app interface. Instead of long tiring talks, you just need to send the artist a few photos and drop his some lines.


I was hesitant about React Native, but Riseapps team knew their stuff. They knew what pros and cons the framework had and how to build the right solution without sacrificing user experience.

Grapes W. Founder

The outcome

INKLNK reaches our client’s main goal. It doesn’t just provide the user with a book-tattoo-button but really helps arranging a tattoo appointment with just a phone.

It allows customers and artists comfortably negotiate and come to an agreement without meeting face-to-face. Both sides save a lot of time for themselves, and we all know how precious the time is.


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