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  • Client: Tech Print Industries
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Platform: Android
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The Challenge

Tech Print Industries had two distinct, but connected products for opticians. The first one was a Windows application. It connected a third-party camera to a desktop PC and allowed the user to scan a human face and make a 3D model of it. The second one, a web app, allowed the user to customize eyewear and order a 3D print of it.

Opticians that wanted to work with our client had to use two different apps on a desktop PC and to set up a third-party 3D scanner. It surely sounds complicated for you. And most opticians thought so too. They were excited to replace traditionally made glasses with the 3D printed ones, but the process was too confusing for them.


The Work

We made it easy. Instead of a PC, third-party 3D scanner, two applications, and difficult setup, the user now needs only to mount a small camera on his Android device and get our app form Google Play.


Precise, but mobile

Make it simple and compact. It was our motto for this project. Of course, in an ideal world, we would replace the whole setup with just one app. But sadly, no Android camera has enough power to provide a high-quality 3D scan.

We had to use a third party camera if we wanted our user to get precise results. So we chose the smallest one – Bellus3D Face Camera Pro. We implemented all essential interactions with the camera’s SDK into our app, so the setup is almost ready to go. The user only has to install the SDK from Google Play, but it’s a matter of seconds if you are familiar with the store.


Get a 3D model

Altogether, scanning and modeling take less than a minute. We tried to make this process as fast as possible, even writing a special C++ library to save additional 4 seconds. After the model is created, the user can examine it from all angles. If he’s satisfied with the result he can upload the model to the app cloud storage. If there’s something that needed to be changed, the user can make another model in the same manner.


Customize glasses both in the mobile and web app

Before we we started working on Print My Glasses, opticians had to switch to the web app to start customizing eyewear. Now, they don’t have to. We implemented all customizing features into our mobile app, so the user doesn’t ever have to hop between two devices, unless he wants to. In that case, he can open up the web app and start cutomizing there. Both mobile and web apps have access to the same cloud storage, so the user don’t have upload anything twice.


Easy ordering

The user can make an order right after customization without leaving the app. He needs to enter delivery info only once. Next time, the app will automatically fill all the fields, unless the user wants to change the info.


The app was done in a month. The energy and enthusiasm they had while solving even the smallest issues – it was admirable!

Mark N co-CEO and CTO of Tech Print Industries

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