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product design and development


A community-based networking app for people with mutual interests


Aphinity is a social platform that brings together people with common interests and experiences. Users can socialize in-app or coordinate real-life meetups and events. Key features of the app include secure one-on-one and group chats, user profiles, communities, and events.

Client nameSardor Askarov
IndustrySocial networking

project hilights

PlatformCross-platform mobile
Cooperation modelOutsourcing
Team size6

technology stack



Sardor Askarov wanted to build an app-based networking platform so people could connect and chat securely, create communities, and find interesting events nearby. To do this, Sardor needed the help of an experienced tech team, so he reached out to Riseapps. We provided him with our full-cycle development services to bring his app idea to life.
The Riseapps team was responsible for:
  • Conducting business analysis based on our client’s ideas
  • Creating a compelling UI/UX to make the app visually appealing and user-friendly
  • Choosing an optimal tech stack to streamline development
  • Implementing features like chats, communities, and events
  • Making the platform scalable to allow for future expansion
  • Ensuring the app’s usability


We started our work on this project with business analysis. Our BA analyzed Sardor's requirements and prepared documentation and user stories along with acceptance criteria. She also created a backlog to help us turn Sardor’s app vision into a set of concrete development tasks. Then, the Riseapps team moved on to the app’s UI/UX. We completed the full design process, from creating a mindmap and wireframes to building a functioning clickable prototype. We created a consistent UI/UX for the app so users get accustomed to it quickly and easily. The uniform design makes the app highly functional and engaging.

The user profile includes essential information about an individual: personal bio, friends and groups, interests, and more.

We created a section where users can see their friends and look for new connections. To make search easier, we added filters such as interests, distance, and age.

Our team added one-to-one and group chat functionality to the application. Users can easily create new conversations and switch between different chats.

People can join each other based on their interests and proximity, plan events, and attend events. We made the layout of the community and event sections similar to make the application user-friendly and intuitive.

Flutter is the primary technology we used for Aphinity. This development toolkit written in Dart allows for creating cross-platform apps with a shared codebase. Our developers also used Cubit, a solution that implements the BLoC pattern. BLoC is a Flutter library for state management that helped us build a well-performing and scalable application. We chose a serverless architecture for the back end and used Firebase Cloud Functions and Cloud Firestore to integrate it. Cloud Firestore is a flexible, scalable cloud database for mobile platforms and server applications. It syncs data between client applications using real-time updates and offers offline support for mobile platforms. Cloud Firestore helped our team build in-app chats quickly, ensure they worked well, and make them secure. The Riseapps team used Firebase to integrate push notifications and authentication features in the app. Our developers also included social login options so users can quickly sign in with their Apple, Facebook, Google, or Twitter accounts.


Our team helped Sardor build a custom cross-platform mobile app for social networking. Aphinity is a timeless tool for those seeking to join relevant communities and track interesting events around them. The application has received positive feedback from early adopters. The tech stack we chose and our mature workflow helped us release the app 1.5 times faster than we could have with native mobile development.
Working with a remote team inadvertently presents some challenges. However, the Riseapps team was able to streamline the process and seamlessly integrate it with our work. I’m definitely satisfied with the way my idea was implemented from the prototype to the final version of the app. I would recommend Riseapps to anybody looking to get a quality finished product for their outsourcing endeavors.

Sardor Askarov

Founder Aphinity

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