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Quality Assurance (QA) & SoftwareTesting Services

Make sure your app runs seamlessly with our software quality assurance services

QA Application Testing Service for iOS and Android

Your app is to be tested on all types of screens within the 2 most popular platforms.

Choose a QA Testing Service

  • UI/UX QA icon

    UI/UX QA

    To ensure users get a positive experience

  • Code review icon

    Code review

    To check the code quality, purity, and architecture, making sure your code doesn't "smell"

  • API QA icon

    API QA

    To check how the backend performs

  • part of a full-cycle app development icon

    As a part of a full-cycle app development

    Software QA testing services are a fundamental part of any development process and are included in any mobile/web development

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Stages and Types of QA Software Testing

Riseapps follows test-driven development practices, meaning QA is an essential part of any development project; skilled Quality control and software development engineers perform it. Our main task is to check step-by-step each working element in the program.

Requirements Procession, Verification and Validation

All requirements are checked to be complete and consistent. Our business analytics build all scenarios, structure all data types, and outline possible data restrictions followed by verification of our QA team.


At this stage, we perform manual testing of the user experience and interface to check how the user collaborates with the app.

Unit Testing

At the development stage, our software development engineers perform unit testing making sure the code performs according to business requirements. We can also apply this kind of testing to an existing code to confirm that the new updates do not ruin the initial code. This approach helps locate possible issues and eliminates them the moment they can appear.

Regression Testing

If needed we perform regression testing to ensure that new features being developed don't break the existing functionality.


Functional testing - according to the developed checklists QAs check every stage of the core user's flow, the interaction between frontend and backend of the app in the target environment.
QA also performs stress testing to secure the stable performance of your app.


Your app gets the final stage (Smoke testing), to verify one more time that the build after the release to the App Store, Google Play is performing in the designed way.

QA Testing Service With Attention to Every Detail

Software quality assurance testing services are valuable as it guarantees that users receive an application of high quality, that performs accurately. Full and on-time QA also decreases the development time, helping to reduce costs by preventing extra effort to fix bugs. Planning, following best practices and identifying possible bottlenecks always pay off.

The most crucial things in quality assurance are attention to detail and thoroughness. You get both.
Our team runs verifications on every stage of the development process and fixes all inaccuracies the moment they appear.

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Road so Far

  • 3+ Years on the market
  • 35000+ Hours of work
  • 50+ Successfully released projects
  • Top Rated Status
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You Get by Working with Us

Your app deserves appropriate quality assurance. We perform manual testing to emulate the behavior of an end-user to ensure your app runs properly on the most popular platforms within all screen dimensions. We also run unit testing to secure the existing features work accurately while new updates are being introduced.

Working with our quality assurance software testing company, you get through software quality assurance testing services.

Outstanding expertise

- Only senior software engineers
- UX/UI design backed by a 10-year experience
- Best practices from over 50 projects completed


- Dedicated project manager
- 24/7 access to project status
- Agile methodologies

Risk-free development

- In-house development
- Scalable team

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Featured Cases

Discover QA business cases done by our software quality assurance company. We successfully offered software QA services in healthcare, wellness and fitness, traveling, event management, and on-demand apps.

  • Dmitriy
    Tech Lead

    Choosing optimal technologies and writing complex algorithms

  • Vladlen

    Delivering tailored software solutions to meet your needs and fulfill the expectations of end-users

  • Alex
    Design Lead

    Never sacrifice user experience in favor of fancy interactions

Clients Trust our Team

Our development team is an extra force that helps to translate your ideas into remarkable applications. Development services that are offered are the tools to achieve your project’s goals. We guarantee the quality of the developed product.

They have an expertise in-house, they are good at communicating, they deliver on time.

Faruk Hadziomerovic Co-founder of Ruggengraat

When you've got a team like that working for you, you're gonna succeed.

Eric Wilson CEO of Triave LLC

They have a good technical expertise. They are reliable. And last but not least, they are friendly people.

Rob Reuters CINO of Fit20

The way the design was done helped me bring a lot more value to my company itself and to the seriousness of the project when pitching to investors.

Sardor Askarov Founder of Locus

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