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Healthcare App Development Company

Unlock your possibilities for increasing revenue and improving health outcomes in the digital world

Want to build a healthcare app? It’s just the right time!

  • Demand is high and rising

    The need for healthcare tools has gone up to 32%

  • Revenue is increasing fast

    The profit from the top healthcare (and fitness) apps jumped by 61%

  • Market is skyrocketing

    mHealth apps market is to rise at 21.1% CAGR till 2026

Healthcare providers worldwide get the benefits of custom apps. Join in!

With advanced technologies and internet access expanding fast, healthcare apps become immensely helpful. Whatever medical field you are in, an app with powerful healthcare technology features can improve patient outcomes, deliver more personalized care, and much more.

Why build a healthcare app?

  • Streamline your medicine workflow
  • Extend your patient reach
  • Cut unnecessary spendings
  • Tackle medical labor shortages
  • Tap into new revenue streams

Which healthcare tool would you like to build?

Increase your practice revenue and reach more patients with a secure and easy-to-use telemedicine solution. Our healthcare software development agency can help you build a HIPAA compliant tool - either for a single practitioner (clinic) or many providers. Enjoy a variety of features - from one-to-one messaging and video conferencing to appointment scheduling, billing and more.

Build a HIPAA compliant app

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act establishes national standards for security and privacy of PHI in the USA. To make your app HIPAA compliant, we’ll protect any sensitive information your platform will save or transmit, including PHI, EMR, EHR.

Our custom healthcare software development company has a wealth of experience in building HIPAA compliant tools. Need to comply with other laws or certification programs (GDPR, CCPA, ONC-ATCB)? Let’s discuss it!

Why choose us

  • Proven 4-year experience in building healthcare apps

    We’ve developed telemedicine, medical software imaging, RPM and other tools

  • Successful cases in HIPAA-compliant software development

    We know all about encrypted data messaging, secure photo, video sharing, and more

  • Only middle and senior developers

    The expertise and the qualifications of our engineers allows them to take on the most ambitious tasks

Want to build a healthcare app?
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Your roadmap to creating a successful healthcare app

Our project managers will guide you through every step of your software development journey

Requirements Allocation

First, we’ll clarify the requirements and specifications necessary to build your web or mobile app. The purpose and mission of your future product will be at the core of the healthcare mobile application development process.


To make your software delivery smooth and transparent, our mobile medical application development team will provide you with a roadmap featuring the milestones of the process. Usually, all tasks are divided into 2-week sprints.

Design and Development

Our medical software development company will create a mockup or prototype of your Android or iOS app and proceed with the actual app development. Our software engineers set up servers, APIs, databases, or whatever is necessary. At this step, your app is actually being built.

QA and Testing

With your app concept being already in place, it’s time to see if your tool works correctly. At our mobile medical app development company, we use the most advanced approaches to perform testing on all the major devices and operating systems.

Guarantee and Support

We are sure in the code you get.

Expand your possibilities

Build your app for any platform: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Web, Linux, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and more.
Want to hire our healthcare software developer? Just ping us with a message.

telehealth software development firm

Get healthcare solutions on the latest technology

We build healthcare apps using the latest technologies and high-end devices.

Kegohealth is a US-based telemedicine service provider
Communication APIs
Twilio, Sendbird, OpenTok
Telemedicine solutions
VSee, Spok, SimplePractice, Luma Health, OnCall Health
Human API, Eligible, True Vault, Dr. Chrono, Apple Health Record
Languages and frameworks
Swift, Java, Kotlin; Flutter, React Native; Vue.JS, React.JS; Django/Python, Laravel, Node.JS

Road so Far

  • 4+ Years on the market
  • 35000+ Hours of work
  • 50+ Successfully released projects
  • Top Rated Status
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  • 5-Star Rating
    star image star image star image star image star image
  • 5-Star Rating
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Looking for healthcare app developers?
telemedicine software development services

Our services for healthcare industry

We can offer you a full range of healthcare app development services, including business analysis, UI/UX design, web development, mobile development, quality assistance, project management and support.

Outstanding expertise

- Only senior software engineers
- UX/UI design backed by a 10-year experience
- Best practices from over 50 projects completed


- Dedicated project manager
- 24/7 access to project status
- Agile methodologies

Risk-free development

- 2-month guarantee on the code
- In-house development
- Scalable team

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to make a healthcare app?

The timing depends on the functionality of your app. Our custom hospital software development company usually recommends starting with an MVP that can usually be built as fast as in 3 months.

Will I have to pay for healthcare software development at once?

Riseapps works on the pay-per-milestone basis. We plan the projects according to milestones and sprints lasting 2 weeks. After every sprint, our healthcare mobile app development company presents the work to our client for payments.

Can I hire your dedicated team to work on my healthcare project?

Sure, you can augment our team of accomplished web and mobile medical app developers. You’ll choose and manage experts on your own. Contact us to learn the rates and details.

Do you sign an NDA agreement for healthcare projects?

Of course, the information you disclose is strictly confidential. We’ll sign the NDA agreement following the introductory call. Right after that, we start delivering healthcare app development services.

Does Riseapps have experience of delivering the apps for the U.S. healthcare industry?

Yes, we’ve delivered digital health app development services for both - the US and EU markets. Ping our medical software developer with a form below if you’d like to learn more about our experience in health software development.

I work in the pharma industry. Can you build an app for me?

We work with all varieties of clients in healthcare. Whether you work in a laboratory, or medicine delivery, we’ll be happy to assist you.

Want to build a healthcare app?
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  • Dmitriy
    Tech Lead

    Choosing optimal technologies and writing complex algorithms

  • Vladlen

    Delivering tailored software solutions to meet your needs and fulfill the expectations of end-users

  • Alex
    Design Lead

    Never sacrifice user experience in favor of fancy interactions

Clients Trust Us with Their Projects

They have expertise in-house, they are good at communicating, they deliver on time.

Faruk Hadziomerovic Co-founder of Ruggengraat

They have good technical expertise. They are reliable. And last but not least, they are friendly people.

Rob Reuters CINO of Fit20

When you've got a team like that working for you, you're gonna succeed.

Eric Wilson CEO of Triave LLC

The way the design was done helped me bring a lot more value to my company itself and to the seriousness of the project when pitching to investors.

Sardor Askarov Founder of Locus

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