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Safe parking out of the box

  • Platform: iOS and Android
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The Challenge

Fensens designed a parking sensor that could detect objects in front of it and send this information to a mobile device via Bluetooth. Our task was to make an app that would receive data from the sensors and help the user park his car.


The Work

We made two native apps for iOS and Android that convert signals from the sensor into visual, sound, and vibration alerts. In addition, the driver can customize notifications and track the battery charge of the sensor.


Setup once, use anytime

You need to pair the sensor with your phone only once. Next time you start the app it will automatically activate the sensor.


Hands-free activation

If you are always in a rush you can get a Fensens Quick Launch button, mount it on your steering wheel, and pair it with your phone through the app. Tap once, and you are ready to go.

Fensens also reacts to voice command “Open Fensens.” On iOS you will have to tap the Home button, but on Android you can start the app hands-free.



Depending on your car, you might have to adjust the sensor placement for the best results. To help you with this, we added a calibration feature, which you can find in the app settings.

If you are having a bad day, everything can make you feel irritated. In Fensens you can turn off audio and vibration alerts if they are bothering you.

Fensens was featured in Cnet and The Verge.

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