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product design and development

A language learning platform for individuals and schools


We helped our Norwegian client build an e-learning platform that offers language courses in English, Norwegian, and other languages. The platform is designed for both self-education and school use, and students can access custom classes through a web app when they’re on the go.


project hilights

PlatformWeb / Mobile

technology stack

React Native Web
Ruby on Rails


Our client is a developer himself, and he clearly understood that he needed a custom solution for his language learning platform. He wanted to include many complex features to make the website convenient for teachers and appealing to students. Thus, he was looking for a development partner with a lot of e-learning development expertise to execute his idea. When our client contacted us, he already had the back end of the website ready. He asked us to take care of the design and front end, add gamification features, and create a mobile version of the platform.
Our contributions to this project included:
  • Designing the UX/UI of the web app from scratch
  • Ensuring perfect responsiveness of the website
  • Building the front end of the platform
  • Implementing custom features for editing tasks and managing content
  • Adding gamification features for increased user engagement
  • Creating the mobile version of the platform


First, we designed the web app interface. The client wanted a pixel-perfect design, and our team delivered it. We created sections to handle everything from onboarding to editing tasks, and we made sure they all worked perfectly. Many interactive elements and animations make the interface engaging. Riseapps team focused on the teacher’s side of the website. Our goal was to build a solid tool for language teaching and learning. We included over 15 types of assignments so teachers can create different types of lessons and make them engaging. The platform can be used either for self-study or in classrooms, providing a convenient learning experience to a wide audience.

We minimized the number of onboarding steps but included necessary features like the ability to pick a language to learn and select a current level of knowledge. This streamlines onboarding so users can get right to studying.

The lesson page is one of the most crucial parts of the platform, so we made sure it has a simple layout to help students focus on their tasks.

We provided a set of task templates and editing tools so teachers can customize tasks as they want. This allows teachers to create personalized learning paths based on learners’ needs.

We built the content management section in a way so teachers can upload images and audio files to make learning tasks more engaging.

Finally, we added gamification elements like interactive tasks, levels, leaderboards to increase user engagement, retention, and course completion rates.

After finishing the design, we moved on to the frontend development. Our team chose React Native Web for this project, as it allowed us to use the existing code base for both the web and mobile applications. React Native Web allows for building both mobile and web versions of an application 1.5 times faster than with native technologies. Besides React Native, we used TypeScript for writing high-quality code that runs correctly. This framework and language combination allowed us to achieve the desired versatility and reliability. With additional frameworks, our developers added all required features to the website. For example, Material-UI, a React framework, let us turn the user interface into code by installing its self-supporting components and without compromising any design elements. We used Formik for simplifying the form building process, which was crucial for this platform with its many task editing sections. Various packages and libraries allowed us to create additional components of the web app. For instance, we used react-hot-toast for notifications and react-select for easy multi-option data input.


The result of our work is an e-learning website that stands out among competitors due to its customizability and reliability. The web platform is accompanied by a mobile app, making this a true cross-platform project. The mobile app has the same functionality as the web app but lets users teach and learn wherever they are. Our client is planning to expand their customer base and target new markets. As the company is public, they’re expected to collect more funding in the future, following the last round in which they raised $1.2 million.
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