Riseapps is One of The Most Reviewed Software Developers in Estonia On The Manifest

Vladlen Shulepov posted on Sep 01, 2022, edited on Jan 19, 2023

Software development is a window into so many possibilities. We’re limited only by our imagination and by what we can accomplish with it. But not everyone has the time or resources to learn what they need to know to turn their ideas into reality.

This is why we’re here. Riseapps is the guiding hand that helps companies realize their vision and take themselves to the next level.

We seem to be doing something right pursuant to that goal because we’ve recently been awarded as a most reviewed and recommended software development company in Estonia by The Manifest.


The Manifest is a business news platform that helps companies connect with potential project partners by creating rankings of the top performers in various service lines. These efforts are supplemented by awards that recognize the businesses making the most impact on their respective audiences.

The 2022 directory on The Manifest represents the initiative of clients in promoting their vendor partners to a greater audience. As an awardee, this means so many people were impressed enough with our work that they had to tell other people about it.

“We appreciate being named a leading B2B company on Clutch. This reward is a great evaluation to our team, and enthusiasm we put in working with every project. We are happy to deliver great apps for our clients. Always hungry for more projects, collaboration and success stories we will be happy to be a part of.”


– Vladlen Shulepov, CEO of Riseapps.

This is why we want to thank every one who helped reach this important milestone in our team’s history. Getting an accolade like this does wonders for our team’s confidence moving forward. Now that we know we’re on the right track, we have the green light to take more risks and express ourselves creatively in our work.

Learn more about the services that is getting so much attention by visiting our website. Our team is ready and waiting to talk about the things we can do for your project. So don’t wait another minute and contact us at your earliest convenience.