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Perfect imagery tool for healthcare experts

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Platform: iOS
Image Case

About Project

A collaborative medical imagery solution for dermatology, aesthetics, plastic surgery, and other fields. It allows doctors to take high-quality standardized photos using on-screen positioning templates and easily manage images, as well as patient expectations.


Client’s request

The company developing RxPhoto – a clinical photography photo management and storage app – turned to Riseapps for dedicated team service. Our experts performed different activities to improve operability and extend the functionality of the app.



The Riseapps team was entrusted with a wide range of tasks – from minor bug fixes to migrating the app to another programming language and restructuring its architecture.


App redesign

The Objective C codebase of the iOS app was rewritten to Swift, embedding the chosen MVVM+C architecture. The restructured code was covered by unit tests which increased product stability and made it more modular and easy to maintain.


Camera support

As users take photos with different camera models, we’ve improved the apps external accessories communication algorithm. This allowed enhancing time-proven camera protocols as well as introducing support of the brand-new camera models.


HIPAA compliance and data encryption

Having built the new app architecture, we made the tool HIPAA compliant, which means all sensitive data is encrypted and strictly protected. This allowed the application to meet new data protection standards and expand the distribution area of the app.


Integrations with EMRs

The tool integrates with many EMRs such as Streamline, eClinical, and Greenway. This allowed increasing the number of specialists using the app to educate their patients and showcase medical expertise.



Riseapps team is proud to have developed the leading mobile medical photography solution of the highest quality.

Within 2 years, not only we restructured an existing body of code but enriched the app with indispensable features.

All this helped RxPhoto to become a top-notch tool to help clinicians increase their consultation conversion rate, using the tool for expectation management and client retention.

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